Grappling Girls


I have added a couple of new articles written by, and for, female grapplers. The first is a compilation of different reasons women might want to study grappling, and the second is guide for women stepping onto the mat for the first time.

Thanks to the Grapplearts readership and to Liz  for helping out with these articles.  I get feedback from readers all the time, so I know for a fact that they’ve really helped guide and encourage people.

If you’re female grappler, read the articles and see what you think. I’m doing what I can to increase the female presence on the mats; it’s a small contingent but growing all the time.

If you’re male then you might want to pass these links on to the women in your life who are thinking about starting to train but haven’t done so yet.  The reality is that they probably need ground-based self defense skills and the confidence that comes with being able to handle oneself in tricky situations more than you do!

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