Gripfighting and Essential BJJ Drills App


Gripfighting and Essential BJJ Drills is the first app in the How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent series featuring world champion Emily Kwok and Stephan Kesting from

Larger grapplers often just use their their strength, size and weight advantages to overpower you. It’s very frustrating to get pinned and smothered by a less skilful opponent whose only advantage is having 10, 20 or 50 pounds of additional muscle.

Big guys have much stronger upper bodies, which is why they can just ‘bench press’ his way out of a bad position. But if you try this then not only will it be ineffective but it will leave your arms limp, drained, and feeling completely powerless.

Plus it’s scary when big guys don’t know how to control their strength and weight, and have no clue how to train with smaller people. Injuries are the bane of training, and are often caused by Sasquatch-like grapplers who go totally ‘agro’ when their egos are threatened.

In this series of apps you’ll have two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts show you the techniques and strategies to defeat even the biggest, strongest, scariest attackers on the ground. Crazy speed, flexibility, or athleticism are NOT required; the emphasis is on staying safe and preventing injuries at all times.

Emily is a multiple time BJJ world champion, both with and without the gi. She has taught and worked with thousands of grapplers of all levels.

Emily faces people bigger than her on the mats every single day, and she’s learned that the single-most important thing you can do to stop a larger opponent from rag dolling you all over the mat is to control the grips.

That’s why in this app we’re going to teach you how to use defensive gripfighting to completely shut down your opponent’s sweeps, submissions and throws. And how to use offensive gripfighting to control the pace of the match and set up your own attacks.

These gripfighting techniques apply both to standing work and on the ground. This means once you learn a technique you can use it in both contexts.

First we cover the underlying strategies and tactics of gripfighting. The mindset that world class grapplers like Marcelo Garcia use every time they compete against quality opponents.

After we get the big picture out of the way we then take you through the actual, specific grips that work best against bigger opponents… and how to get them on opponents both while you’re on your feet and also when you’re on the ground.

Then we give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your opponent’s grips off you (even if he’s twice your size and has an iron vices instead of hands).

But that’s not all!  In this first app we also share their collection of must-know, must-do grappling drills. Including both solo and two person drills.

These sports-specific drills will strengthen your body, prepare you for training, and prevent injuries. Most importantly these drills allow you to easily perform lots of repetitions in an easy and efficient manner. Repetition leads to mastery, and if you use these drills you’ll have a ton of reps under your belt in no time.


  • 1 hour and 39 minutes of solid, filler-free, video instruction
  • Every technique, strategy and training drill is focused on allowing you to survive and thrive while grappling against opponents much larger than you on the mats
  • All the footage has been professionally filmed and edited for maximum ease of learning
  • The app includes omplete menus for easy navigation
  • You can create a list of your favourite techniques and drills using our one-click ‘favourite’ feature
  • The app is designed to download to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos
  • The same app plays on both your phone and your tablet, so you don’t need to buy different versions for each type of device
  • BONUS: ‘The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’ book for free!


Below is a small selection of videos that you will get when you purchase the Gripfighting and Essential BJJ Drills app for your phone or tablet.

How to Strip the Lapel Grip of a Larger Opponent

Gripfighting Guidelines vs Bigger, Stronger Opponents

An Advanced Drill to Develop your Open Guard


  1. Intro to Defeating Bigger Opponents
  2. Why You Should Drill
  3. Fundamental Drills
  4. Breakfalls
  5. Technical stand-up
  6. Forward Breakfall
  7. Backward Roll
  8. Shrimping
  9. Leg Circles
  10. Leg Triangles
  11. Grappler’s Lifts
  12. Advanced Drills
  13. Scoot Forward
  14. Scoot Backward
  15. Shrimping Forward
  16. Four Point Rotation
  17. Kickouts
  18. Spidermans
  19. Jumping Lunges
  20. Partner Drills
  21. Leg Switching on Hips
  22. Wheelbarrow Forwards
  23. Crab Walk
  24. Granby Roll
  25. Leap Frogs
  26. Drag with Sleeves
  27. Bear Walk
  28. Butterfly Lifts
  29. Jumping Guard Sit Ups
  30. Hook Walk
  31. Guard Pop-ups
  32. Introduction to Gripfighting
  33. Four Fingers In
  34. Pistol Grip
  35. Lapel and Sleeve
  36. Common Mistakes
  37. Guidelines
  38. Stripping Sleeve Grips
  39. Stripping Lapel Grips
  40. Stripping Elbow Grips
  41. Stripping Over the Shoulder Grips
  42. Stripping Grips on the Ground
  43. Stripping Leg Grips
  44. Demo & Summary
  45. No Gi Grip Fighting

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