High Level Pin Escapes


How many times has someone almost gotten past your guard…

…You’re just about pinned; it’s just a matter of time…

…So you mentally relax, concede the position and prepare  for the battle to get out of sidemount using your pin escape techniques.

This approach can work, but it’s very much the hard way of going about things.

To make your life on the mats MUCH easier watch the video below and add this mindset to your game.   I’ve seen this concept help a LOT of people!

Click here to see the same Traditional Escapes video on YouTube.

But let’s say that you’ve completely screwed up…

You DIDN’T escape in the transition. Your opponent has passed your guard, flattened you out, and settled his weight on you. Your arms are completely out of position, you’re finding it hard to breathe and all he’s doing is locking you down.

Oh, and he’s a lot bigger than you (things are bad, in other words). What should you do?

Here’s a way you can fight the power, make some space, and get back into a good position to continue the good fight:

Click here to see the same Escaping Sidemount video on YouTube.

These techniques are from the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent 5 DVD set that I made with 3 x World Champ Emily Kwok.  And they’re one of the very best DVD sets I’ve ever seen.

Or if you prefer your instructional material to be more portable you can also get this set as a series of mobile apps.


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