How To Attract Women… To Your Grappling School


Krista Scott-Dixon is many things, including being friend of mine, a student of BJJ and the brains behind a great fitness website called

She is also a becoming a semi-regular contributor to In fact Krista’s latest article about getting women into BJJ starts like this:

“I am often asked two questions by well-meaning male instructors:

1. How do I get more women to join my school?
2. And once they join, how do I keep them?

Good questions.

Before I answer them, here are a couple of crucial things to understand.

But why encourage women in grappling at all?

It’s important to recognize that most of the features about your gym that make it welcoming to women also make it welcoming to the 95% of grapplers that aren’t 18-year-old, superfit, natural male athletes who will thrive no matter what you give them. (And those 5% will probably appreciate the improvements too.”

…Read the rest of the article and get more tips on how to get women to train grappling by clicking here…

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