How to Counter the Stupidest Closed Guard Break Ever – The Elbow Grind on the Inner Thighs

Elbow Grind-blog

Grinding away on your inner thighs is the favourite (and often only) closed guard breaking strategy of meathead grapplers everywhere.

I don’t know who originally came up with this bush league, Dim Mak wanna be, pressure point bull**** strategy, but for some reason you run into ‘grinders’ at almost every club.

Like most pain compliance techniques the elbow grind is something that works semi-OK in sparring, but almost never works in competition because adrenaline levels are just too high. If someone does try it on you at the next tournament then you’ll probably be able to gut through it and keep your guard closed, but the price for that will be some nasty bruises the next day.

So even though the elbow grind isn’t particularly effective it’s still SUPER IRRITATING, especially if you don’t have an answer for it…

Here’s a quick little video with three of my favourite ways to deal with this low-level guard breaking technique:

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