How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent NOW AVAILABLE


It’s here! The How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent DVD set is in stock, and ready to ship right now.

Emily Kwok and I have been crafting this 5 DVD set for a long time, and it’s one of the best instructional sets I have ever seen.

There are 5 DVDs – three main DVDs with more than 5 hours of instruction, and two unique bonus DVDs, for a grand total of more than 7 hours of instruction…

Every aspect of these DVDs is devoted to techniques, drills, strategies and mindset to defeat the bigger, stronger opponent on the mat.

Click HERE for the complete story and all the details.

Take care
Stephan Kesting

P.S. I’m also giving an unconditional money-back guarantee on the DVDs. Don’t like them? Don’t want them? Didn’t help you? Let me know and I’ll happily refund your money. I believe that these DVDs will help you and that’s why I’m taking ALL the risk, not you!

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