How to Defend and Escape the Armbar from Guard

Armbar from Closed Guard Defense

If you’ve been grappling for any length of time then you know that anytime you’re in the closed guard you’ve got to watch out for the armbar from guard. It’s one of the most common and highest percentage submissions in all of BJJ, submission grappling and MMA.

So if we’re going to be running into a technique like the armbar from guard this frequently then we HAVE to have some good answers for it, or else we’ll be tapping out all the time!

In this video, taken from the Submission Defense app, I share some of my very favorite defenses and escapes against the armbar from closed guard.

I use these escapes all the time, so I know that they work! Check them out in the video below or in the armbar defense video on youtube.

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Submission Defense app

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