How to do the Butterfly Guard Sweep

Butterfly guard sweep

Today I want to teach you how to do the most important sweep from the butterfly guard correctly.

This is because sometimes in life, you just HAVE to learn certain things.

  • If you want to drive a car then you have to be able to turn both left and right,
  • If you want to paddle a canoe competently then you have to learn the J-stroke,
  • If you’re learning Judo then you have to know how to breakfall…

And the same is true in BJJ.  Some techniques aren’t optional – you just have to learn them to become a complete grappler.

The Butterfly Guard Sweep is one of these techniques!  You just can’t have an effective butterfly guard without this super-powerful and versatile sweep.

Some people think they can get away without ever developing their butterfly guard.   And maybe then can… for a while.

But like it or now, you ARE going to end up in this position.  Maybe it will be after an escape, or while trying to prevent a guard pass, or it ‘just happens’ during a scramble, but I can guarantee that you will find yourself in the butterfly guard at some point…

…And why wouldn’t you want to know what to do from there?

(Not to mention that the Butterfly Guard Sweep is so powerful that Buchecha used it to sweep multiple-time world champion Roger Gracie at the Metamoris Pro event.)

Anyway, learning this technique is super-important.  That’s why I break down the most important Butterfly Guard sweep for you in this video.  If you learn this version then it’ll be easy for you to pick up any variations, and/or link it to other sweeps and attacks:

Check it out below:

To see this same video of the Butterfly Guard Sweep on YouTube, click here.

P.S.  Here are some more butterfly guard resources you might want to check out

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  3. The Guard Sweeps Package, which combines the Butterfly Guard, X Guard and Half Guard into an unstoppable sweeping system

Take care,
Stephan Kesting

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