How to Maintain Good Posture in Butterfly Guard

Butterfly Guard Posture

Posture in the butterfly guard is incredibly important.  With the butterfly guard (as with any guard position) good posture is the key to defending the guard pass, attacking with submissions, and/or sweeping your opponent.

But maintaining good posture is easier said than done,

because your opponent is actively working to break it down.

In fact if I’m trying to pass someone’s butterfly guard, my first step is usually to try and destroy their posture.  Once their posture is compromised, then staying safe and passing the guard is so much easier.

That’s why I’m hoping not too many people watch this video on maintaining posture in butterfly guard.  If this information gets out it will make my job passing the guard much harder 😉

The flip-side is that if you’re using the butterfly guard then you MUST know how to maintain good posture.  If you do then that position will come alive for you.

In the video below Emily Kwok shows you:

  • How to keep your opponent in his zone until it’s time to take space away and initiate your own attack,
  • How to stop him from destroying your posture and starting his guard pass,
  • What to do when he tries to put weight on you,
  • What to do when he stands up,
  • How your arms and legs should work together.

There’s also some great information on ‘mindset’ in this 4 minute video, check it out:

P.S.  The above video clip is a short excerpt from the No Gi Sweeps and Submissions volume in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in No Gi instructional set.  It is available both as a series of mobile apps and as a 5 DVD set.


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