How to Maintain Rear Mount, Improve Guillotines, and Thwart ‘Combatives’ Experts

Gripping for Rear Mount

Rear mount seems like such a simple position: I mean, you’re basically just piggybacking on your opponent, right?

Well, success in jiu-jitsu usually means doing simple, fundamental things with a high degree of sophistication and attention to detail. And rear mount is no different – switch your grip by a couple of inches, have your hand open instead of closed, do the wrong thing for even a moment and the whole thing goes straight to hell!

In a previous article I broke down rear mount arm positions with a detailed explanation of why your bottom hand MUST be grabbing your top wrist for this position to be effective.

The video tip below goes into even more detail about the correct way to control the back position. Plus addresses some areas that I left out of the first video.

In some ways what I talk about below is pretty basic, but it also applies directly to guillotine chokes, ankle locks, mount escapes, and self defence situations. Plus I’ve recently run into some blue belts and purple belts who were doing this wrong, so I figured that it was worth making a quick video to set things straight.

If you have four minutes to spare then check out the video below:

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