How to NOT Clog Up Your Phone with My Instructional Apps

Grapplearts Android and Apple apps

This week we’ve been releasing a series of apps featuring BJJ black belt Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins at a rate of one per day.

(A lot of the apps have also been getting the coveted four and five star ratings in both Google Play and iTunes, which is awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to rate them!!)

But not everyone’s happy…

Over the past three days I’ve been receiving a lot of emails which basically say, “Dude, I love these new instructionals and the fact that I can get them at a great price, but I don’t have any room left on my phone because it’s completely clogged with your apps…”

Like most of you, I also enjoy having instructional apps on my phone. But video-based apps take up a lot of room, so here’s what I do.

I first purchase and download interesting apps to my computer (not my phone directly).

When I synch my mobile device with my computer I can pick and choose which apps I actually want to install on it at that particular time. Usually if I install one app I uninstall another app.

I’ve played golf approximately once in my life so I probably shouldn’t use this analogy. But here’s how I think about it: all the instructional apps in my computer are like golf clubs sit in a bag. You don’t use every club at once – you just take the one club that you need out of the bag at a time.

In the same way I usually only have one or two of the many apps I own installed on my phone or tablet at any at one time. But I have my entire app reference library on my computer, and I can pick and choose which ones to install depending on what I want to work on in my game at that time.

Another option (one that works particularly well for Android users who mostly don’t synch their devices with their computers) is to simply leave your apps in the cloud.  Uninstall the extra apps from your phone or tablet, and then, when you want to have them on your mobile device again, simply go to your purchased apps in the Google Play store and redownload them.  Google (or iTunes) will remember that you purchased them originally and not charge you a second time.

Hope this helps, and my apologies to those of you for whom this is glaringly obvious.

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