How to Pass Deep Half Guard

how to pass deep half guard

In the last 5 years the Deep Half Guard position has taken the BJJ and submission grappling world by storm.  And every serious grappler now needs to know how to neutralize and pass the Deep Half Guard.

This position is a variation of the half guard.  If someone manages to get settled into this position underneath you then they’re right under your center of gravity, can compromise your balance, and very likely be able sweep you or take your back with a wide variety of techniques.

Ignore this position and you’ll end up in deep, deep trouble!

the Deep Half Guard

The Deep Half Guard in action

Now before I get a bunch of angry emails and facebook messages, I’ll point out that people have ended up in variations of the Deep Half Guard since primitive man grappled beside campfires on the African savanna.

But most of the time it was a desperate, last ditch, slightly-better-than-being-mounted position.

What’s new is that lots of high level grapplers are now choosing to go to the Deep Half Guard position voluntarily.  And from there they use a wide variety of powerful sweeps and back-attacks, that are really tough to stop once initiated.

If you don’t know what to do about the Deep Half you’re going to end up rear mounted or on the bottom in a hurry.

And it’s all made even worse if your opponent is bigger and/or broader than you, because he can jack up your center of gravity so high that one or both of your knees might not even be touching the ground anymore.  This really disrupts your ability to maintain the top position.

Once a big guy is under you in the Deep Half it’s like trying to balance on a fitness ball without touching the floor in the middle of an earthquake. Not a great place to be!

So make sure you have a couple of good ways to shut down the Deep Half Guard.  Especially techniques that work on opponents bigger than you.

Check out Emily Kwok sharing some easy and super-effective ways to smash your opponent when he tries this fancy-schmancy Deep Half Guard stuff on you.

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