How to set up and apply the head and arm choke


Here’s a clip of Emily Kwok teaching something really cool – how to set up the head and arm choke (also known as ‘kata gatame’) from mount, and then how to ratchet it on so tightly that your opponent has no choice but to tap out, no matter how big he is.

I’ve played around with the adjustments she shows, and it allowed me to REALLY tighten up this position WITHOUT using a ton of upper body strength. Because of these adjustments I didn’t get tired trying to squeeze a submission out of my opponent, and that’s really cool.

She also shares subtle yet simple adjustments to make you much heavier and more stable in the mount

Finally she debugs the common mistakes made even by experienced grapplers that kill the power of the head and arm choke. Fix these mistakes and this choke will become a go to move for tapping out bigger, stronger people.

P.S. The above video clip is a short excerpt from the No Gi Submission Pathways volume in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in No Gi instructional set.  It is available both as a series of mobile apps and as a 5 DVD set.


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