How to Stabilise Mount Against a Bigger, Stronger Opponent

How to Stabilize the Mount

Many smaller grapplers avoid the mount position because they feel it’s too easy for a larger opponent to simply throw them off or roll them to the bottom. It usually takes a TON of work to get to the mount, and it really sucks when some big doofus simply sits up and rolls you to the bottom where you have to start all over again!

But there ARE ways to shut down this silliness, and allow you to use one of the most powerful positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu if your opponent has 10, 20 or even 50 lbs on you…

If he’s bigger than you then a lot depends on respond to your opponent early, before he gets completely set up for his escape.

In order to respond early you need to a) anticipate what he might do, b) recognise when he’s starting to do it, and c) know the correct counter or response to his escape.

In the video below (from the No Gi Control app) Emily Kwok takes you through maintaining and stabilising mount on a much bigger opponent (i.e. myself). I hope you enjoy it and put these techniques and principles to work in your own game!

P.S.  If you would like more on the topic of surviving against, dealing with, and defeating bigger stronger opponents in no gi check out Emily’s instructional set, available as both a 5 DVD set and a 5 volume series of instructional apps for Apple, Android and Kindle devices.



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