Inflexible, Stiff Back? Try This Workout…

Crescent Lunge from Sun Salutation 3

There’s almost nothing worse than a painful back. Unlike other body parts, an injury to your back comes to define your entire life.

If your arm is strained, or you’ve twisted your knee, or if you’ve tweaked your shoulder, then usually you can find a way to get through your day without aggravating your injury too much. But a sore back finds a way to haunt you every second of every day.

Now I’m not some snake-oil salesman guaranteeing you a magical cure for back pain. (In fact enough people suffer from excruciating back pain if I had a bombproof cure for this ailment then I’d be writing this article from my private Lear Jet en route to my beachfront estate in Tahiti!)

I believe in trying everything you can to cure your injuries, and when it comes to your back I do have something that might salve a sore spine, increase your flexibility, and just make you feel damn good.

Below is a 7 minute section of my Introducing Yoga for Martial Arts instructional. This portion really focuses on stretching and strengthening your back.  And there are lots of easier and harder variations to allow you to tailor the routine to your needs.

This video is constructed in 8 parts, each of which can be done on its own, or linked together with the other sections to give you a whole-body Yoga workout.

Click here to find out more about Introducing Yoga for Martial Arts, or if you just want to try one of the sections for free then watch the video below.

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