Joao Miyao teaching the Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo

Joao Miyao teaching the Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo

Here’s some seriously advanced stuff for you: renowned black belt competitor Joao Miyao breaking down the Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo.

In the exclusive Grapplearts Field Reports Video Miyao uses his bread and butter move – the Berimbolo sweep – from the leg lasso position to spin into an unexpected and hard to defend armbar.

If you’re completely new to the Berimbolo sweep then you might be more confused than helped by this technique.  If that’s true then I suggest starting out by working your way through my post called ‘The Easiest Way To Do the Berimbolo,’ then move on to the ‘3 Steps of Berimbolo‘ breakdown, before you take a stab at the technique in the video below!

If you’re working on your guard game then I have two more links for you…

  1. My free book ‘A Glossary of Guards‘ with a breakdown of all the most common variations of Closed Guard, Open Guard and Half Guard
  2. My free video called ‘Get to the Top, The Most Powerful BJJ Guard Position for Sweeping Your Opponent

Check ’em both out – they’ll likely both be really useful.

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