Just Say NO to Getting Swept in the Guard

Countering the Heel Grab

There’s a strong argument to be made for knowing how to pass the guard both standing up AND kneeling down.  This keeps your opponent guessing and allows you to change your game up and avoid his strengths.

What I’m going to give you today is a free sample of my Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course that’ll show you how to shut down one of the most common problems you’ll encounter when you’re using standing guard passes…
If you stand to pass the guard, then of course your opponent is going to try and sweep you.
Many of the most powerful guard sweeps he can use require him to grab or cup the heel of your leg.  Once he’s holding your foot in place then he’s a lot closer to knocking you over.
In today’s video clip I show two ways to quickly and easily remove the heel grip and get out of danger.
These two techniques have saved my butt in sparring so many times it’s not even funny!  I even use the first one (the kick and loop) to save myself in when I’m already in mid-sweep and falling backwards.

==> Click here to get your free sample from Lesson 14 of the Grappling Concepts Course.

If you’re not already using it then make sure you add this move to your game immediately. Like many of the tricks and techniques taught in the Concepts Course it has the potential to improve your game overnight.

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