Life’s not fair (but these tips will work for just about anybody)


Life just isn’t fair!!

BJJ is the art of leverage, but there are techniques in the grappling repertoire that require you to be at least as strong as your opponent.

If you’re a smaller, lighter grappler then you may not want to concentrate on these ‘big guy’ moves.

In order to survive on the mats, smaller grapplers need to have techniques and strategies that’ll work against bigger people.

They have to develop their own game by adding little tweaks to compensate for being lighter… Techniques where size isn’t as important…  Submissions that work regardless of strength…

In fact, advanced smaller grapplers often become ultra-technical.

And that, in turn, often makes them awesome teachers!

Here’s the ironic part.  Smaller people shouldn’t try fighting like bigger people.  But the reverse isn’t necessarily true…

A bigger person with some ‘small man jiu-jitsu’ tricks, techniques and strategies in his game can be a VERY formidable opponent.

So here’s Krista Dixon-Smith sharing some Small Girl Jiu-jitsu’ Tips.

Obviously it’s required reading for women in the sport.

But if you’re large, male and smart, then you’ll want to read it asap because there’s a ton of great advice here.  And most of it is applicable to all grapplers large and small.

P.S.  If you want more along these lines then check out the links at the bottom of the articles I link too – lots of other good stuff there for you!

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