Marcus Soares technique 3: Half Guard Pass and Cervical Choke


Marcus Soares and Denis Kang demonstrate a Half Guard Pass and a Cervical Choke.  

half guard pass and cervical choke

(1) To avoid getting swept in Denis Kang’s half-guard, Marcus keeps Denis flat on his back and pins his face with his shoulder. One arm (left) hooks his head and grips the collar, and the other comes through Denis’s legs and grips his belt.

(2) By kicking his trapped leg backwards and keeping his weight sprawled back Marcus passes the half guard and switches his right hand grip from the belt to the sleeve

(3) He now grips Dennis’s left knee with his left hand in a type of cradle position

(4) Marcus sits up and controls the opponent’s belt with his right hand (to avoid the opponent being able to put his back on the ground again)

(5)He steps over the leg and cranks the head with both hands to apply the cervical choke


For extensive information on Marcus Soares’s background, training philosophy and more techniques check out the Marcus Soares Interview from where this technique originated.




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