More On Pull-ups…


Here is some feedback and some more pull-up variations that drifted in from the ether since I released the 19 Pullup Variations video

1 – Here are two other BJJ-oriented pull-up videos that Martin Rooney made available online (thanks to “Shanghai BJJ” on Sherdog for pointing these out). Get more information about Martin Rooney at Training For Warriors

2 – This is the Typewriter Pull-up (similar to my Triangle Pull-Ups). Thanks to Ike, a Grapplearts Newsletter reader, for writing in with this.

” I have always liked the typewriter variation. Go to the up position and hold chin above the bar, Now move your body right and left towards your hands,then back to center and down. Smokes the delts, traps, and lats. Enjoy!”

3 – Here is a variation on the Towel & Gi Grip Pull-ups. Thanks to Philip, another Newsletter reader, for sharing it.

“I cross my arms to replicate a palm-up palm-up, or palm-up palm-down cross collar gi choke. It really simulates grabbing the opponents collar and sucking them in for the choke.”

4 – and some advice from Ryan (Precision Health Studios)

“One thing I vary is the tempo of these movements. You can perform pull-ups for speed/power (like your plyo pull up) by performing 3-5 as fast as possible to work fast twitch fibers. Heavy eccentric pulling movents work well functionally for grappling.

Also, for those individuals who have difficulty with regular pull-ups can use superbands under the feet to give them a bit of a boost, or have a partner help you with assisted pullups.

Finally, remember that while TRX suspension handles and rings are cool, a few feet of chain or ropes work just as well.”

5- A question from “Snitz” on the Sherdog forum:

Question: “Awesome! Pullups are a staple of my workouts, being a crossfit devotee. What do you think about kipping?”

Stephan: Kipping Pull-ups are great, that bar was a little low, the cage too unstable, and my kipping skills not yet polished enough to show them properly in that video.

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