My 2 Best Triangle Choke Escapes

Triangle Armbar 4

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s tip about escaping the armbar from guard. Today I want to continue exploring how to get out of submissions and share my two best triangle choke escapes with you.

I’ve experimented with lots of different triangle escapes. Unfortunately I’ve found that many commonly-taught techniques rely on either your opponent being totally incompetent, or you having an 18″ neck, gigantic traps and high levels of pain tolerance….

By contrast the counters and escapes in this video work fairly well against competent opponents, even if you’re not built like Brock Lesnar.

Escaping the fully locked-on triangle choke is never easy, but if you practice the techniques and concepts in this video (taken from the Submission Defense app) you’ll at least have a fighting chance of getting out and reversing the situation.

Take a look and tap out less often…

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