‘My’ Technique at ADCC…

Made by Samsung DVC

Talk about synchronicity!

A month ago I told you about a specific guard position I’ve been having a ton of success with – the logsplitter position.

And then, a few weeks later, I taught entries and finishes to this same position at GrappleCamp 2009.

Finally, to top things off, a reader recently emailed me a link to footage of Nicholas Renier hitting a perfect logsplitter submission at the European 2009 ADCC qualifiers…

It’s at about 1:52 of the following video:

Nicolas Renier vs Frank Stäblein (ADCC European trials 2009)

(I don’t know much about Nicholas other than the fact he has now secured a berth ADCC, the big Kahuna of submission grappling championships.)

Anyway, I thought it was cool and so I’m passing it along.  Good luck incorporating the logsplitter into your technical arsenal.  It’s a legit position!!

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