No Gi Guard Passing Strategies vs. Bigger People

No Gi Guard Passing Strategies

Passing the guard in a technical manner during no gi training can often be very frustrating, especially for people coming from a gi-based background.  To the uninitiated it just seems that things move too fast… That there aren’t any good handles to control your opponent…

And things seem even worse when you’re going up against a bigger person who’s not afraid to use his athleticism to fight off your guard passing attempts.

But these are false limitations.  In fact, it’s totally possible to pass the guard in a technical way when the gi comes off.  And to do it in a smooth way that uses precision and finesse to overcome speed, chaos and athleticism.

In the short video posted below Emily Kwok gives you the high-level perspective on passing the guard in no gi. Among other things, she shares:

  • What you should never let your opponent do after you’ve broken his guard,
  • How to be dynamic without sacrificing handles or grips,
  • Why working on your no gi guard passing will also benefit your gi game,
  • How you can take advantage of the stylistic tendencies at specific BJJ schools to make guard passing a lot easier

Here’s to developing precision and finesse in no gi!

The above video clip is a short excerpt from the No Gi Guard Passing volume in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in No Gi instructional set.  It is available both as a series of mobile apps and as a 5 DVD set.


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