Rear Mount to Armbar


by Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro

The rear mount is a great position in BJJ, submission grappling and NHB. Normally one uses a choke to submit an opponent from the rear mount, but here Shaolin shows an alternative finish with several innovative touches.

BJJ Rear Mount to armbar 1  

Shaolin has the rear mount and controls the far wrist across his opponent’s body

BJJ Rear Mount to armbar 2 Shaolin slips his right foot over his opponent’s left arm.
BJJ Rear Mount to armbar3 He now crosses his ankles over the left arm, completely immobilizing that arm and making it very difficult to prevent the next move.


BJJ Rear Mount to Armbar 4 Hooking the arm, Shaolin throws himself to the side.
BJJ Rear Mount to Armbar 5

He now passes his left leg over Todd’s face and secures the armbar position, forcing him to submit. Note how he still controls Todd’s far wrist to prevent him from countering or stalling the armbar.

Thanks to Todd Dorion for being the opponent in this technique.

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