Robot Legs Drill (video)


Today I want to show you a fun and effective way to improve your guard passes that I call the ‘robot legs’ drillUsing this drill you make a super-powerful guard passing movement totally instinctive.  And once you get comfortable with this drill you can also get a good cardio workout by going faster – start with 3 sets of one minute at full speed and tell me how you feel afterwards!

But here’s the ‘catch’ – this drill ISN’T only for the guy on top.

The Robot Legs drill ALSO lays the foundation for some highly sophisticated guard retention drills for the guy on the bottom.

That makes it win-win for both training partners, which is always the best kind of situation!

Obviously there’s a lot more to defending the guard pass than this highly simplified ‘robot leg’ movement, but this is a great place to start.  Once you get comfortable with this, then you can move on to other, more advanced, drills.

Click here to see the Robot Legs Guard Passing Drill Video.

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