Shoot Wrestling Armbar Escape

Shoot wrestling armbar escape

Here’s a simple, but still very effective, method to escape from the Armbar

Armbar Counter from Shootwrestling 1


Stephan is caught in an armbar. He protects his arm by gripping his hands together (see next photo for details on the grip).



Armlock escape from Shooto 2


Using the linked hands he pushes his opponent’s leg off of his face. Note that he does not release his grip.




Arm Lock counter from Shoot Wrestling 3



Stephan then drives his whole body backwards using his legs. He puts his head on the floor to trap his opponent’s thigh, so that that leg can’t come back over his face.




Armlock Escape from Shootfighting 4



Still keeping his hands gripped together Stephan spins towards his opponent.



Armlock Escape from Shooto 5


He ends up in his opponent’s guard, completing the escape from the armbar submission. Most opponents will now immediately try for an armbar from the guard, so Stephan is protecting his arm and controlling his opponent’s hips!



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