Single Leg Sweep, by Andreh Anderson


Andreh Anderson is a black belt under Rey Diego at ( and loves sweeping his opponents. Andreh has this to say about the single leg sweep:

“Most of you have probably seen the sweep itself, but I started using the entry when I was a brown belt and it worked really well. I used to get to this sweep from the De La Riva guard. I would push the far leg with my right leg while controlling both sleeves, sit up, and switch my grip so that his left arm was controlled between his legs.”

Here is the entry I use more often now since I have switched the hand in the collar for most of my open guard work.

It starts with him on the ground in my open guard. I have one hand in his collar, the other is posted back to keep him from driving my back to the mat, and to give me mobility.
Single Leg Sweep
When he stands to pass, I maintain my grip on his collar, keeping it tight so that his posture remains bent. I’m not here for long.
Single Leg Sweep 2
I immediately switch my hips to the outside and pull down hard with my hand in the collar. If you do this well enough, he will go all the way to the mat and you will have swept him just by this movement alone (similar to an armdrag).
Single Leg Sweep 3
But if he maintains his balance, your rear hand will move between his legs to control his left sleeve.
Single Leg Sweep 4
Next, lift your right leg and place the foot on his left knee.
Single Leg Sweep 5
Then switch your grip from the inside lapel to his left trap or shoulder.
Single Leg Sweep 6
Fall to your side, pulling him down with you.
Single Leg Sweep 7
Move to the top, maintaining grip on his sleeve.
Single Leg Sweep 8
If he tries to break your grip by extending his leg, simply move into normal side control.
Single Leg Sweep 9

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