Sneaky Lapel Choke from Guard, by Andreh Anderson


Andreh Anderson demonstrates a technique where your opponent will think he’s passing your guard, but this only sets him up for a sneaky lapel choke.  

Sneaky Lapel Choke from Guard

The opponent tries to pass your guard by underhooking your legs. Maintain a deep cross grip on his lapel and keep your legs heavy in order to make it difficult for him to put your back on the mat and pass. If you can hook inside his leg with your foot, try to do so.


Push yourself forward with your rear hand on the mat, and raise the elbow of the arm that is closest to his head. You want to create a noose that his head fits into.



Sneaky Lapel Choke from Guard 3

Pass your rear hand under your arm that is closest to his head. Lock his head into place with that arm so that he cannot raise his head or pull it out.



Sneaky Lapel Choke from Guard 4

Drive your leg down on the side that you have fallen to and try to bring your head close to his knee as your lift your elbow on the opposite side and drop your elbow on the side you have fallen. You will have a tight choke that is difficult to escape once it is sunk.

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