Stabilizing and Attacking Larger Opponents from Sidemount

Attacking from the Sidemount

Many battles are lost by not sufficiently stabilizing sidemount, and/or choosing the wrong attacks to use from that otherwise dominant position.

Let’s say that you’ve done everything right and cut through the guard of a bigger stronger opponent. You’ve just arrived in sidemount.

The first few seconds in sidemount are actually a rather dangerous time, especially if you’re giving up a lot in the size department. Expect your opponent to use all of his strength and explosiveness to throw you off of him RIGHT NOW. Or – even worse – he could clamp onto you like a big crocodile and roll you to the bottom

Fortunately big guys are a little bit predictable (they typically do one of two things once they get pinned in sidemount).

Here’s a really cool video, excerpted from How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent, Series 2, Brandon Mullins and I go over the most common reactions you can expect and what you can do to shut them down.

Also in the clip below Brandon shows some really cool Jedi-mindtrick submission that’ll consistently lead you from sidemount to high-percentage, match-ending submissions. Check it out – your game will thank you!

To see this same view on Attacking Larger Opponents from Sidemount on YouTube, click here!

Additional Resources

That video clip came from the Takedowns and Top Position Gameplan volume in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 2, with Brandon Mullins. This is an absolutely incredible resource for grapplers who sometimes have to deal with being manhandled and overpowered on the mats. It’s available as both as a series of apps for your phone or tablet, or as a professionally replicated 5 DVD set.


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