Straight From Brazil – A Deep Half Guard Sweep


Recently I had the pleasure of training with Oscar Daniotti, a black belt under Ricardo de la Riva.  And Oscar showed me some really cool stuff!

Oscar came to North America to cover the 2009 Mundials for Faixa Preta, a Brazilian magazine dedicated to covering the art of BJJ.

While we were shooting the breeze about the deep half guard position Oscar smiled and showed me a really cool variation. I already knew the basic sweep, but the way that he used the gi to entangle my leg made it 10 times more difficult to counter the sweep.

So I got my camera out, handed it to my friend, and asked him to taking pictures. So here – straight from Brazil – is that technique!

Click here to see pictures and get step by step instructions for the new Deep Half Guard Sweep.

Note: of course this sweep is dependent on the gi. There’s been a lot of debate about training gi vs. no gi, but I think that most grapplers should should train at least a little bit of both.

If nothing else, learning innovative ways to attack with the gi in BJJ exercises your grappling imagination and keeps your brain active.

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