Submission Grappling Leglock


Leglocks have been around for a long time, but modern grapplers use them in slightly different contexts than classical grapplers. Here’s how a submission grappler might link a takedown and a match-ending ankle-lock…

(This technique is from the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on

Stephan squares off against his opponent.
He shoots in with a double leg tackle, gripping behind the knees and driving forward.
His opponent falls backwards and tries to use his open guard to fend off the attack.
Stephan falls back, encircling his opponent’s ankle with his right arm and controlling his leg with his left shin and right foot..
Leglock detail – Stephan is applying the lock right at the ankle, just above the heel. This hyperextends the top of the foot and crushes the Achilles tendon.
He now applies the ankle lock by arching backwards, using the power of his back and legs to apply the lock

This technique is part of the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on

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