It is a long path from first learning a technique and mastering it so that it is instinctive and effective. Erik Paulson has a great method to master techniques: it’s called TRIG. It’s his key to developing skill with a given technique, be it a submission, a pin escape or a guard sweep

T = Technique. First you have to learn the technique. Where do your arms and legs go? How do you develop power? What do you do if your opponent counters your technique.

R = Repetition. Now you have to go and repeat the technique until your body understands it as well as your mind does. This can involve doing hundreds of repetitions, so lets get to work.

I = Isolation. Now you use the technique in isolation. Maybe you are working on escapes to a particular position, so start every sparring session pinned in that position. Another example might be deciding only to use one submission, say the triangle choke, when sparring people of lesser skill than you.

G = Grappling. Now you can incorporate that technique into your grappling arsenal!

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