How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent

Emily Kwok Triptych

Today is a very exciting day! For the past few months I've been working like crazy to get my new DVD series finished.  In these videos I'm collaborating with my friend, and former teammate, Emily Kwok. She's one of the best known competitive grapplers out there! For a lot of different reasons. … [Read more...]

Marcelo Garcia Chokes Me Out Repeatedly


Marcelo Garcia is maybe the very best person in the world at attacking the turtle position. But before I tell you how I know this first hand, I should point out that as you get better you'll run into the turtle position more often.  … [Read more...]

Podcast EP3: Erik Paulson; an MMA Master Coach Shares His Secrets


Erik Paulson is an MMA Master Coach.  He's trained tons of fighters competing at the highest levels of Mixed Martial Arts.  And he held the Shooto light-heavyweight title in Japan for 5 years. He's also my friend and a mentor. Recently I asked my newsletter readers if there was something in particular you wanted to ask Erik.  (Hey, if you were signed up for the FREE Grappling Tips newsletter … [Read more...]

The Most Important Thing For Improving Your Grappling

teaching summer seminar

I used to think that if I just learned enough ways to pass the guard, mastered enough submissions, memorized enough pin escapes, pick up enough guard sweeps, received enough tactics and just had enough techniques at my fingertips, then... someday... I would master the art of grappling. … [Read more...]

The Unpassable Guard 1

Tricks, Concepts, Techniques and Drills to Prevent Opponents from Passing Your Guard In December, 2008, I sent out a Grappling Tip Email with a tip about not letting your opponent control your hips (see the first tip below). I then asked readers to share their own top tips for preventing or blocking the guard pass. Below is a selection of reader contributions on the topic of making your guard … [Read more...]

The Larger, Stronger Opponent

If you try contesting a larger, stronger opponent using your strength against his strength you will probably lose.You need to fight the battle on your own terms, and two effective (and somewhat related) strategies to do this include:      1, Move quicker      2, Tire him out. … [Read more...]