How to Finish the Kimura Armlock from Half Guard


The Kimura armlock is one of the highest percentage submissions from the half guard, but to apply it you have to know how to get your opponent to release his grip on his pants, shorts or thigh. Here's how to break his grip and finish the Kimura! This Jedi mind trick can actually be used for other submissions like the armbar and different leglocks as well. … [Read more...]

How to Finish the Back Climb from Half Guard

Taking an opponent's back is a fundamental attack from half guard, but once your opponent has been caught in it a few times he will start blocking your back climb. Most typically he will wrap your arm with an overbook, also known as a 'whizzer.' Here's one way of my favorite ways to counter his counter and come out on top and behind your opponent. … [Read more...]

Never Get Guillotined Again!

Stephan Teaching a Group

OK, I have to admit that I’m exaggerating with the whole “never get guillotined again” title, but it’s almost true. If you incorporate principle that I’m about to share with into your grappling two things will happen: you’ll tap out to many, many fewer guillotine chokes … [Read more...]

The X Guard Position


The 'X guard' is a position that I've been using a lot recently. Depending on your point of view, it's either a form of the open guard or the half guard, but whatever you call it, it's effective as hell! You end up in X Guard a lot when you use the Butterfly Guard, especially when your opponent posts his foot to stop your sweeps. … [Read more...]