Free Book About the Guard for Grapplearts Readers


Heres's a really cool resource for you, something that I've received a TON of positive feedback on.  It's a free, downloadable book that breaks down the many different variations of the Guard position with detailed descriptions and lots of pretty pictures!  And you can grab it super easily, for free... … [Read more...]

Offside Kesa Gatame has an Judo Name


OK, it's official. The collective intelligence of the Grapplearts readership is awesome. Thousands of people people receive  my newsletters, and many more read my articles on the website, via RSS feeds, etc. If we all got together and combined our knowledge we'd make Rickson Gracie look like a three-stripe white belt. … [Read more...]

Learn to Crush the Bug


A large part of jiu-jitsu is using your weight to immobilize your opponent; "crushing the bug" as it is sometimes referred to. When done properly, the application of your body weight from the top position can be enough to submit your opponent by making it impossible for him to breath. … [Read more...]

Crushing the Bug

Sometimes when you're grappling you might want to play 'crush the bug', totally immobilizing your opponent with your bodyweight and making it difficult for him to even breath. Obviously this is easier to do if you weigh 300 pounds, but most grapplers don't position themselves properly to maximize the bodyweight they do have … [Read more...]