How to Improve Your Hip and Leg Flexibility

Yoga for Martial Arts

Hip and leg flexibility is a huge asset in grappling, especially when it comes to not letting your opponent pass your guard, for launching sneaky sweeps and submissions from the guard position, and for weaseling your way out of tight pins. Plus if you're training in MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, or any other martial art that involves kicking then flexibility will obviously help you out … [Read more...]

Inflexible, Stiff Back? Try This Workout…

Crescent Lunge from Sun Salutation 3

There's almost nothing worse than a painful back. Unlike other body parts, an injury to your back comes to define your entire life. If your arm is strained, or you've twisted your knee, or if you've tweaked your shoulder, then usually you can find a way to get through your day without aggravating your injury too much. But a sore back finds a way to haunt you every second of every day. … [Read more...]

Fixing Bad Backs in BJJ

fixing bad backs in bjj

Last week I listed the treatments used, and practitioners consulted, in my quest for a pain-free lower back. What I want to highlight this week are the actual treatments that made a difference. I mention that there were a lot of treatments I tried that work well for other people but didn’t work for me. For example acupuncture, although it has helped several people that I know, has never worked … [Read more...]