Technique 1: the Reverse Clock Choke


A demonstration of the Reverse Clock Choke against the Turtle Position by Denis Kang and Marcus Soares

Marcus Soares, BJJ black belt, demonstrates the reverse clock choke against the turtle

1) Denis Kang is turtled, so Marcus keeps him pinned with his bodyweight and secures his grip on the lapel (see next photo for detail)

2) Grip detail: Marcus has his left arm going through Denis’s right armpit and is holding his left lapel with four fingers inside

3) Marcus reaches over and traps Denis’s far sleeve at the elbow with his right hand

4) By switching his base and trapping Denis’s right arm between his legs, Marcus is able to put all his weight onto Denis’s shoulder and apply the reverse clock choke.

For extensive information on Marcus Soares’s background, training philosophy and more techniques check out the Marcus Soares Interview.

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