Technique 2: Omoplata to wristlock


It’s never good when your opponent manages to stand up in your guard.  Fortunately you can use the omoplata to bring him back down to earth and put him into a very bad position…

Omo Plata to wristlock photo 1
Stephan’s opponent stands up, attempting to pass his closed guard. He maintains control of his opponent’s right arm

Omoplata to wristlock photo 2
Stephan swivels his body to his left (so his left ear is touching his opponent’s right shin). He also hooks his arm around his opponent’s ankle

UmoPlata to wristlock photo 3
He now opens his legs, swings his body around to the left, and triangles his legs tightly around his opponent’s upper arm. The force of his left thigh on his opponent’s armpit drives him forward to the ground.

Umo Plata to wristlock photo 4
Keeping his legs triangled to control the shoulder and elbow, he uses both of his hands to wristlock his opponent’s right wrist.

For more techniques and background on this attack check out the article “Revolutionary Omoplata.”

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