Technique 4: Omo Plata to footlock


A four step instructional article on transitioning from guard to the omoplata and then into an unexpected footlock when your opponent attempts to counter the omoplata.

Omo Plata to footlock photo 1 Stephan has his opponent in his guard and climbs his legs up until his left thigh is resting OVER his opponent’s right shoulder. This is known as the “crooked”, “climbing” or “high” guard.
Omo Plata to footlock photo 2 Stephan creates an attack opportunity by forcing his opponent’s left arm backwards with both of his own arms.
Umo plata to leglock photo 3 He now instantly switches to Omo Plata, triangling his legs, controlling the trapped arm and gripping his opponent’s belt.
Umo Plata to leglock photo 4 The opponent tries to step over Stephan’s head in an escape attempt. Stephan prevents the escape and makes him pay for trying by switching to a toehold submission (keeping his legs triangled to maintain control over his opponent).

This is one of four techniques from the article “Revolutionary Omoplata.”

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