The Easiest Butterfly Guard Sweep

Guard sweeps - The Easiest Sweep from Butterfly

Today I want to quickly share the easiest way to sweep someone from the butterfly guard.

Many butterfly guard attacks require you to close the distance, pull your opponent forward, load him up onto your legs, and then sweep him. But what if he resists? What if you’ve caught him with the butterfly sweep so many times that he now refuses to engage, keeps on backing up, and gripfights like crazy to avoid you breaking his posture.

Well, if he won’t come to you then you just have to go to him!

This is a short 2 minute video about one way to go after a defensive opponent and use his reactions against him to sweep him and get to the top. If you get the timing right for this move and it’s one of the easiest, fastest sweeps in all of grappling.

Check it out:

iPhone-X-Guard-video copyIf you want a quick guard sweeps reference that you can take with you anywhere then check out the Grapplearts Guard Sweeps app.

It’s available in a number of formats, including for the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store, or for Android Devices in the Google Play store, or for the Kindle family of products in the Amazon Store .

Half Guard, Butterfly Guard, X Guard PackageAnd if you want an in-depth breakdown of the butterfly guard and how it connects to both the half guard and X guard, check out the Guard Sweeps Package on Grapplearts. This two-volume instructional set goes into far more detail, covers more techniques, and gets into the higher-level strategies and tactics for these positions than the Guard Sweeps App.

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