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The Roadmap for BJJ app by Stephan Kesting is your solution to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu quickly and easily. Just download on your iPhone, Android, or Kindle device and get instant instruction from Stephan Kesting, a BJJ black belt and lifelong martial artist. His step-by-step apps have helped thousands of grapplers improve their skills.


In-depth instruction in the palm of your hands

BJJ can be a confusing and frustrating art when you initially start training. But don’t worry -- BJJ can and should make sense, if you’ve got the right tools at your disposal.

Our app demystifies the art of BJJ with clear, concise videos covering the most effective techniques and strategies the most experienced grapplers use on the mat.

  • Techniques, strategies, and training drills that have been tested on the mats and in competition
  • Professionally filmed and edited videos designed to maximize ease of learning
  • Over 50 minutes of instruction broken down into positions, transitions, and submissions
  • Bonus: FREE download of the accompanying Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu book!

Upgrade for advanced BJJ instruction

Step up your game in BJJ with our advanced modules on pinning positions, including:

  • Side Mount - your headquarters on the mat
  • Knee Mount - bring the pressure to your opponent
  • Full Mount - domination time!
  • Rear Mount - establish complete control and choke out your opponent!
  • Turtle Mount - we’ll show you how to turn the tables and get back on top

Best value: unlock all 5 upgraded modules! 80+ minutes of high-level instruction for 25% off the cost of purchasing the above 5 modules separately. Get one step closer to BJJ domination!

The Roadmap for BJJ

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Christopher H

Stephan is the best teacher I love everything Stephan Kesting does. He is such a great teacher and wastes no time on fluff or babbling. Everything is so well thought out. Doesn't get any better than this.


Great App full of helpful info. Organized in a logical way, presented in a high quality and professional manner. If you're an older grappler, new to the arts, you need this! Its a full on try before you buy, I like that. Clear and focused, well lit , makes it easy to see and understand the small details. Good stuff here. If you're a beginner to bjj, get this, you'll be glad you did!

Duncan Glen

Good stuff as usual. Thanks Stephan

Alvin W

Great detailed instructions! I have a few of SK apps! They are all nicely done and great for learning and revision on the go. Another great app!!

Calvin Taliaferro

Awesome! Takes time to go over important basic positioning instead of just submissions!


Interesting app.


Thank you so much for having this information out for FREE a lot of people charge for this type of detail tutoring and they have a right to but you're really selflessly doing it for the art !


Great app nice app with clear Instructions.| would recommend it.


Great app nice app with clear Instructions.| would recommend it.

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