The Margarida Guard Pass by Andreh Anderson


Andreh Anderson is a brown belt under Rey Diego at ( Here he teaches a guard pass used by phenomenal BJJ competitor Fernando “Margarida” Pontes.

Andreh talks about this guard pass: “Here is the pass as I learned it. I have to give all credit to Rey Diogo for helping make this one of my stronger passes.”

I start in the guard and grab both lapels as I get ready to stand. You can’t grab both lapels and wait there or else he will break your posture by pulling you forward. You have to grab them when you are already on your toes and ready to hop both feet forward.
Margarida Guard Pass
Next you hop to your feet. Both feet at the same time. You aren’t in this position long, on until you can get your knees a bit under you to help you support his weight as you lift him up. It looks like he can sweep you with the feet on the hips, but you aren’t here long enough and if he opens his guard to do so you just go to the next step immediately.
Margarida Guard Pass 2
When you get him all the way up, keep your head forward and your base solid. Don’t bring your knees too close together in case he is able to jerk you down and close his legs around your knees to sweep.
Margarida Guard Pass 3
Push on his knee with your on the side you want to pass. Grip the material as you push so that you have some control of his leg when the guard opens.
Margarida Guard Pass 4
Next, push down with that hand that is on his knee and step back with your left leg while placing your right knee between his legs. I like to switch my grip to the lapel on the side I’m passing, but some black belts prefer to keep it on the same side. I think Margarida grips the same side he passes.  Keep your right knee turned out a bit to prevent him from going straight to the De la Riva. You want to push down with the left to keep his foot off of your hip, and to open the path for your knee to take when you start to cross.
Margarida Guard Pass 5
Now drive his leg all the way down and cross your knee toward the mat. If he tries to block with his hand, just angle a bit away and continue driving into him. Try to meet your elbow close to your knee so that it is hard for him to get his left knee between you.
Margarida Guard Pass 6
Once you are past his knee, drop your hip into him. At the same time, the knuckles of your right hand should be touching the mat near his head and you should have his arm fully extended. Step out with your left leg and slide down his hip to the mat. Your weight should be driving down into his hips, not over his body. It would be hard for him to sweep you even if all your weight was over him, but your weight shouldn’t be cross the center of his body.
Margarida Guard Pass 7
Now you are almost finished. You have slid to the side of his body, now you have to settle your weight into side control. Cross his arm over his face as you turn in to him to keep him from turning into you.
Margarida Guard Pass 8
And finally attack that arm that you have across or stabilize your pass.
Margarida Guard Pass 9

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