The Most Important Concept for No Gi Takedowns

BS11-standing belly armbar

Takedowns can seem difficult, tricky and confusing. Especially if you’re not gifted with a surplus of fast-twitch muscle and innately awesome timing.

But my friend and BJJ world champion Emily Kwok has a concept that makes the whole takedowns game a LOT easier.

She sums up this idea as “My Tie or No Tie.

If you start using this concept it’ll completely change both your gi AND your no gi grappling game. This concept works great for takedowns, but it’s also pretty handy for guard fighting AND guard passing.

Watch the 3 minute, 19 second video below for a breakdown of the My Tie or No Tie – trust me, this one idea can literally transform your entire takedown game:

P.S. This is an excerpt from the No Gi Gripfighting and Takedowns app, available for iPhone and iPad and coming soon to Android too!

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