The Ninja Choke by Andreh Anderson


Andreh Anderson is a black belt under Rey Diego at ( Here he demonstrates a choke from side control that he learned from Rey Diego.

Ninja-Choke-1Start in side control with your right arm blocking his hip.

Ninja-Choke-2Another view.

Ninja-Choke-3Next, if your lapel/skirt on your right side is out of the belt, grab it. If not, remove it from the belt and grab the end so that the tip is pointing upward.

Ninja-Choke-4The ninja part comes in when your opponent pushes your head to make space.

Ninja-Choke-5When your opponent pushes, bring that lapel out from the side and feed it to the hand under his head.

Ninja-Choke-6Feeding the lapel/skirt to the hand.

Ninja-Choke-7Ready to move into the position to choke.

Ninja-Choke-8Move your body toward north/south and use your head to block his right hip. He should already start to feel pressure.

Ninja-Choke-9The final position. Tripod up and walk toward his head. The more you cross toward his head, the tighter the choke gets.

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