The Shaolin Choke by Andreh Anderson


Andreh Anderson is a black belt under Rey Diego at (

Andreh talks about this choke: “I call it that because Shaolin taught it to us when he visited our school. It wasn’t until a year or so after first seeing it that I started using it. This choke looks a lot like a circus technique that would only work on someone who is going along with it. I thought the same thing when I saw it, but then I started catching people with it pretty regularly so now I trust it completely.”

Shaolin-Choke-1This one starts with side control with your arm over and your right knee blocking his hip.

Shaolin-Choke-2Lean against his hip with the right side of your body and feed your near side skirt/lapel to the hand you have underhooked.


Shaolin-Choke-4Then place your left arm back underneath his head and hand the lapel back to that left hand.


Shaolin-Choke-6Switch your hand from over his body to his near leg.

Shaolin-Choke-7Next, place your head on the mat near his ribcage. Use your right hand to keep control of his right leg.

Shaolin-Choke-8Another angle of the same position.

Shaolin-Choke-9Flip forward so that your feet land flat on the other side. You might think the guy wont stay there to let you do it, but it doesn’t matter what he does once you have the lapel and grip on his pants. He is trapped and his only defense is to get his hand in between his neck and your lapel, but this all usually occurs too fast for him to do so.

Shaolin-Choke-10This is how you will land on the other side.

Shaolin-Choke-11Here you will begin to turn toward him, maintaining the grip on your lapel, but letting go of his leg.


The final position. Grab under his elbow and lift as you turn into him. The pressure on his neck is tremendous.

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