The Simplest Mount Escape for MMA and BJJ?


In BJJ the Mount is one of the very worst positions you can be in.  And if punches are flying in either an MMA or a self defense context then things are much, much worse.

The truth is that if you find yourself mounted in a fight then you screwed up a long time ago.  Your opponent is either more lucky or more skillful than you.

That being said, if you have good mount escape techniques it IS possible to survive, escape, and turn the tables.

It’s not common but fighters have come back from being fully mounted and gone on to win the match.

In this video my friend Denis Kang breaks down the mount escape that he’s using most often these days.

Before I get to this video I want to share an exchange I had with an internet troll/BJJ ‘expert’ (who doubtlessly lives in a poster-decorated basement) about this video.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t get drawn into these stupid online debates but sometimes I just can’t resist…  I haven’t changed the punctuation, spelling or capitalisation, which helps illustrate the level of debate that is typically involved whenever these people take a break from their computer game to opine about techniques on Youtube…

Internet Troll: i would never drop my hand to reach below for ankles or pants. There are other ways to achieve that. you lose your defense up top which now your open to get choked out in Gi, In MMa your going to leave that who side open to punches. Someone once told me “some of the instuctions on Ytube is good but most of it is crap?

My response: Denis is a legitimate BJJ black belt and had an undefeated 23 fight win streak in MMA, including fighting in Japanese Pride, the premiere MMA organisation of its time. What is your record?

My point is that Denis is as legitimate as they come, and if he thinks that this is a good technique then you should probably do yourself a favour and try it out in your own sparring.

Check it out:

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