The Very First Time I Used the Logsplitter Sweep…

Check out this video, which shows the very first time I stumbled across the ‘logsplitter’ position. it was a complete fluke, but it still won me the match and a silver medal.

Then read on to find out what happened AFTER that competition…

Click here to watch the same logsplitter sweep video on YouTube.

Cool, huh? This is a guard variation I now use all the time because it offers both sweeping options and submission options. The best part is that nobody has any clue of what to do when they’re caught in it.

But I didn’t become competent in this position right away. In fact it took about a year for me to start working on it, and that was only because I received an email out of the blue from someone who had also been experimenting with it.

Click here for the whole story – including pictures and more video.

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