Three X Guard Mistakes (and my Best Drill for Getting a Killer X Guard)

X Guard Mistakes

The X Guard is one of my very favorite ‘go to’ positions. If I can get there in a match then I’m suddenly a very happy camper…

In fact, this position is so dominant that you should be able to sweep your opponent at least 80% of the time when you get him jacked up into the X Guard.

But people make a lot of mistakes when they try to use this open guard position. Mistakes that absolutely cripple the effectiveness of the X Guard…

That’s why I put together a short video on Youtube talking about the the three most common errors people make when using the X Guard, and how to fix them.

In this video I also share my single best training tip for incorporating the X Guard into your game.

It’s only 5:29 long, but it’s full of the stuff that I wish someone had showed me when I started playing with this position. That’s why I’m pretty sure it could speed up your X Guard learning curve by several months!

Click here to see the same YouTube video of the 3 Most Common Errors in the X Guard.

P.S.  The X Guard is a VERY powerful position.  If you want a solid introduction to the X Guard position (as well as 5 other guard positions) then check out my  Grapplearts Guard Sweeps mobile app for iPhone, Android and Kindle.  It is very highly reviewed and rated, and is also very affordable making it a great place to start with checking out my mobile instructional apps.

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