Top article #3: When you can’t train…

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To get really good at grappling – black belt level, say – takes something like 10 years of concerted training.

That’s a long time!

And the fact that it takes this long is both a good thing and a bad thing…

It’s good because you probably won’t get bored of the art.  Grappling skills are deep, rich and complex.  If you finally master one thing you’ll soon discover that there’s yet another area for you to work on.

You can pretty much continue to learn forever!

But the fact that you’ll be training for years also means that it’s inevitable that your training will get interrupted at some point…

Maybe you’ll get injured, maybe your job will occasionally get in the way of your training, or maybe family issues will require your undivided attention for a while.

Your training will have its peaks and valleys.  Sometimes you’ll train more and sometimes less.  And sometimes you won’t be able to train at all, which can be maddening for a hard-core grappler!

But there ARE things you can do to keep your head in the game – and even improve – during the times when you can’t physically get on the mat.

To help you out when this happens, here are some concrete tips, tricks and advice to survive a training layoff

Or if you would prefer a direct link, here you go!

Take heart and take care
Stephan Kesting

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