Top Articles on Grapplearts: Number 1 of 10


Obviously I’ve been building up content on Grapplearts for quite some time now.

Nevertheless I was recently surprised to see that there are now more than 500 articles, tips and blog posts on here now! Not all of them are by me – some are articles by guest authors – but that’s still a heck of a lot of content!

So I thought it would be interesting to point you to some of the top articles from the archives…

Here’s my criterion for what consitutes a top article:  the amount of positive feedback I’ve received about it and how many people it has helped.

Now you might already  have come across some of these articles by surfing, via google, reading about it in one of my newsletters, or  following a link on a friend’s Facebook or Twitter feed.  (Thank your friend for me if that’s the case!)

But as I share the top articles there might still be a few surprises in store for you…

OK, enough preamble!!

The article that I probably get the most feedback about, and has probably helped the biggest number of people, is almost certainly Grappling with Claustrophobia in BJJ.

I don’t suffer from claustrophobia myself, but I’ve heard from tons and tons of grapplers who’ve had to deal with it to varying degrees.  Including a few successful MMA fighters who, for obvious reasons, wish to remain nameless.

The bottom line is that claustrophobia CAN be beaten, or at least, mostly controlled. For some tips and inspiring stories on how to beat claustrophobia in a grappling context please visit the following article.  Or send it to a friend!

Here’s the full url:

And here are links to all top ten Grapplearts articles to date.

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